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Carefully consider the following cause/effect paragraph. It lacks a topic sentence, includes some irrelevant ideas, and does not maintain a logical order. Write a suitable topic sentence and revise the paragraph so that it demonstrates unity, support, and coherence.

     Some friendships end because of lack of time or resources. When one friend works two full-time jobs or spends all his time trying to save the family business, he won’t have time to maintain the friendship. Other friendships end because of personal conflicts. For example, one friend may betray the other friend’s secret. Finally, some friendships end because of circumstances beyond either friend’s control. One friend may join the army and be sent overseas, for example, leaving the friendship hanging. Friends are truly precious, and one should do everything in one’s power to maintain them. I love my friends. Sometimes, a one friend marries someone who hates the other friend, so that causes a personal conflict that can end the friendship. Another conflict can arise if one friend borrows money and never repays it. Some friendships last a lifetime. Alas, they end when one friend dies, which is truly beyond control

For initial post:

  1. Copy and paste the paragraph.
  2. Come up with a cause and effect topic sentence.
  3. Show the parts of the paragraph you would consider removing (by changing the font color to red).
  4. Finally, add supporting elements that would demonstrate coherence within the paragraph (make the fonts a different color).

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