Do you currently have experience in your target career field? If so, how ma= ny years and what type of experience?

UNIV201-1404A-16 Career Planning and Management Task Name: Phase 5 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 500–800 words Details: Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by M= onday, and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance w= ith the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission pos= ting times are based on midnight Central Time. The most successful careers generally do not just happen—they are b= uilt through consideration and planning. You are likely in school because y= ou want to build your future career success. And YOU are making that happen= right now! Education is one valuable part of the career success equation, = but what other things do you need to find career success? Reflect on each of the following areas and answer the questions to explore = how each may potentially influence your career success and what you can do = to address it now: Work Experience When considering recent graduates for jobs, employer surveys have shown tha= t employers place more emphasis on work experience—especially exper= ience gained while in school—than they do on academic credentials (= such as GPA and major). Reflect on your level of experience to see how you = will stack up against the competition when you are ready to enter the job m= arket and think about what you can do to ensure success: Do you currently have experience in your target career field? If so, how ma= ny years and what type of experience? How will this experience help you as = you advance your career? (If you are not yet sure of your specific career t= arget, than make a note of that, and pick a field you might be considering = from your research in Phase 2 of the class.) If you do not yet have experience in your target career, what are some of t= hings you will do to get experience (volunteer, internship, job shadowing, = etc.)? How might you find ways to gain experience? Where would you want to = do this? When would you ideally want to start getting your experience? If y= ou are advancing in your current career, how will you gain new experiences = to help get you to the next level? What are some of the resources and support you might have available to you = to help you create a plan to get experience? Relationships As you explored in your Discussion Board assignment for this phase, relatio= nships matter when it comes to career success. Networking is not just for p= eople who are looking for a job, but for everyone, and the best time to bui= ld your relationships and network is now. Reflect on what you can do now to= continue to build your network: Everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to networking. On a sc= ale of 1–10 (10 being extremely comfortable), how comfortable are y= ou personally with networking, and why? In what ways do you think you could= increase your comfort level score by just one point? Based on what you have explored and learned throughout this course, how wel= l-established do you think your network is? Are there people you never thou= ght of as being in your network but now realize they are? If so, how might = you let them know that you consider them as a part of your network!? How might you add new people to your network? Do you have your profile on a professional networking site? If not, what ar= e your future plans for capitalizing on this tool? As with everything on th= e Web, you want to make sure anything you publish online represents you wel= l. Employers and important people are searching for you now. How will you m= ake sure your future—or current—professional networking pro= file is showing your professional brand well? Final Questions What was it like for you to answer these questions (easy, hard, scary, exci= ting, etc.), and why? Did you know you have your own dedicated career coach assigned to you to su= pport you through every phase of your career? How do you think having a pro= fessional career coach as your partner will help you find career success? W= hat will you do to tap into this resource? If you do not yet know all the answers, or want to learn more about how you= can ensure your future career success, what will you do? What obstacles and challenges do you anticipate as you continue your career= planning and management? What steps will you take in the next month to continue to ensure your caree= r success? Remember, you have your own dedicated career coach to help you now or even = long after you graduate and continue to advance in your career. Make sure y= ou are tapping into this resource and partnership for your career success. = You can contact your career coach today to schedule a phone appointment by =