Do you feel that the composition of the organization’s board of directors incorporates enough diversity and inclusion?

Choose an organization that you would like to discuss in this week’s discussion board forum. Make sure that you choose an organization that no one has yet posted on in this week’s forum. The organization can be one of your favorites as a consumer, or it might be an organization where you had a poor consumer experience. It could be any organization you are interested in. Once you have chosen the organization you wish to discuss, go to their website, locate the page where the board of directors is listed, and post a link to it in your discussion board post.

1. Do you feel that the composition of the organization’s board of directors incorporates enough diversity and inclusion? Why or why not?

2. Do you think demographics should be considered when board appointments are made? For the organization you examined in your post, would you have any recommendations next time the board has a vacancy and a new board member will be appointed? How would you approach this situation?



I selected Wells Fargo’s Board of Directors (BOD) as I am a long time team member of the company (Wells Fargo Bank, 2017). I believe the composition of the organization’s BOD incorporates is somewhat diverse and inclusive. Of the sixteen board members only five are women and all five are white, while the remaining members are men of many diverse dimensions. Each member has significant experience in different fields of expertise. I believe the composition is very diverse however I would like to see more women on the BOD to include women from other backgrounds and cultures.

I believe demographics should be considered when appointing board members because different ages, cultures and environments provide different perspectives and leadership styles that are important to growing any business. The BOD of Wells Fargo provides a wide variety of cultures and environments but does not include a variety in age. At least that is my perception from the photos on the website. I believe that all age groups should be included in the BOD along with a few members that do not have the significant experience as the existing board, possibly former or current team members. I believe adding current or former team members will allow the BOD to understand what may be going on inside the business whereas not always can the BOD identify failures or negative aspects of the business. Outside of numbers and statistics, the environment of the workplace can shed light on many areas that need improvement or areas that need to implement successes from other areas.


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