Do you now have some idea of what is in a Mission Statement? Good. Let’s go on to the next activity.

Visit the three hospital websites listed below, which will offer examples of mission statements used in the healthcare industry. Take notes! The information you find will help you construct your own mission statement for a Health Information Services department in the Professional Practice Activity on the next screen.

Notice how the mission statements state the overall objective or purpose for the hospital or healthcare system. Think about the purpose of the Health Information Services department as you get ready to complete the Professional Practice Activity.

For your reference, the “Mission Statement” for the above link to Fairview Health Services reads:


Fairview’s mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve. We commit our skills and resources to the benefit of the whole person by providing the finest in health care, while addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and their families. We further pledge to support the research and education efforts of our partner, the University of Minnesota, and its tradition of excellence.


Do you now have some idea of what is in a Mission Statement? Good. Let’s go on to the next activity.


Creating a Mission Statement and Setting Department Goals and Objectives



Upon completion of this activity, you  should be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of creating a mission statement.
  2. Describe the relationship between department mission and setting goals and objectives.
  3. Set goals and objectives for Health Information Services employees.


  1. Create a mission statement for Health Information Services. This should be a broad statement of your department’s purpose. Think about why the Health Information Services department exists and what it does for its customers. The department has many customers including patients, families, doctors, nurses, etc. (Check your notes from your Internet search of sample Mission Statements. You are welcome to customize these statements to fit your own situation.)
  2. Develop five goals for Health Information Services to assist in the implementation of your mission.
  3. Choose one of the goals you developed and set an objective to help you achieve it.
    Here’s an example of a goal and an objective:
         Goal:  To provide accurate, timely transcription for reports dictated for   inclusion in the patient records.
         Objective: Transcribe basic reports with 98% accuracy.
    **Together, your goal and objective should meet the four criteria for establishing effective goals listed in this week’s PowerPoint presentation. (Did you remember to print them out?)
  4. Submit your mission statement, five goals and one objective to the Drop Box in a Microsoft Word document.



This activity will be evaluated for your ability to create an appropriate mission statement and a clear statement of goals and objectives for Health Information Services.


I included a power point of the lecture, this is to help you if you have questions.

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