Do you think employees should be fired for what they say on their blogs? Explain.


Do you think all companies should establish their own blogs? Why or why not?

Although, I can see the benefits of companies having blogs, I have to say that I don’t think its necessary for companies to have blogs and if so, definitely not all blogs. Unless a company has a very personal product and their brand is built off being extremely transparent with their customers they shouldn’t really be updating them. Especially if, as part of the question, there is a risk of employees either getting fired or publishing that can get them fired, the rick is too high. Instead, companies should stick to public memos or press releases. It’s much less risky and it gets drafted. Also, a professional standard can be lost with publishing blogs and though it seems like times like today that is not as important as it used to be for someone like me, I would prefer that over being updated frequently.

Do you think employees should be fired for what they say on their blogs? Explain.

The simple standard is that if an employee makes an opinion regarding race, religion, or anything else regarding culture in a negative or bad way, they should be reprimanded, in my opinion. I’m not sure about being fired but I have standards regarding certain things that can be touched on, otherwise no, and employee should not be fired. I also again think this can be easily avoided by careful drafting.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Wikis?

Advantages of wiki’s is that multiple people can contribute to the creative space and express themselves creating a lot of content and a lot for a reader to think about. They also can get a lot of valuable information from a company if the information is, of course valuable. With that being said, the key and possible disadvantage is valuable information. It seems that in spaces where people can contribute at almost any rate and anything they want, there is a risk of bad information or opinionated pieces that can drive subjects into the wrong direction.


  1. Do you think all companies should establish their own blogs?

Having a blog and maintaining it, is solely a business decision. I don’t personally think that every company should have a blog but if the company wishes to express their thoughts they should freely do so. There should be very clear guidelines and policy for employees when expressing themselves on a public platform. It is very important to be respectful and mindful when writing your thoughts in a blog. Protecting private and personal information is important as well, we should not share information on a public platform without employees consent. When people forget these basic netiquettes and post unprofessional views or opinion, it can truly harm the reputation of the company. The company can face potential future losses, reputation, trust, and value.

  1. Do you think employees should be fired for that they say on their blogs?

Terminating employee on unprofessional behavior depends upon the type of offense. Companies should have clear guidelines on what is expected from there employees when sharing their opinion on a public platform. In my personal opinion, if an employee has posted something offensive, outrageous, insensitive and unprofessional, they should also be prepared for the consequences as well. The employee should take full responsibility for their actions. Companies can have privacy agreements signed by employees that clearly explains that guidelines and policies for usage of public platform.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Wikis?

When one is reading news and information online, the credibility of that information is very important. Since the sources on ‘wikis’ websites can be edited by anyone, the information is not credible. The advantage of a wiki page is its ease of use that makes mass collaboration seems very easy without any time constraints. Companies can easily publish and share documents easily and create their own wiki page. As anyone can edit the content it is purely a disadvantage. If not properly managed it can be hacked or spammed. It concerns the quality of the content since the flexibility in wiki allows information in any structure which can be disorganized.