Employee engagement is when an employee is motivated to be focused on work and complete goals

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Rita Olivares
10 hours ago, at 11:54 PM

Hello Class,

Employee engagement is when an employee is motivated to be focused on work and complete goals. You can tell employees are engaged through their actions of being proactive with challenges, persistent and adapting to change (Macey, & Schneider, 2009). Employee engagement is very important because when employees are engaged they have enhanced productivity which then leads to increased shareholder value (Macey, & Schneider, 2009). One key to employee engagement is to have a high performance work environment. An example of an organization that is successful with engaging their employees is CISCO. They engaged their employees by starting a program that the employees helped create. The program was created when leaders asked employees how the employees play a part in creating the culture and they also explored how they show up for work (Brownlee, 2019). CISCO embraces a conscious culture by implementing a program that is open about employee engagement. The program also has a ritual that builds authentic connections between team leaders and team members with frequent check in conversations (Brownlee, 2019). I think that employees are more engaged when leaders listen and actively involve employees in decision making.


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