End-user policy violations and security breaches


Complete a three to four-page report with APA cited references to support your work.

Given the following list of end-user policy violations and security breaches, select three breaches and identify strategies to control and monitor each event to mitigate risk and minimize exposure. Define an auditing plan which includes:

  • scope
  • benchmarks
  • data-collection
  • post-audit activities
  • log management
  • testing of security systems

Select three of the following end-user breaches for your assignment:

  • Open network drive shares allow storage privileges to outside users.
  • Sensitive laptop data is unencrypted and susceptible to physical theft.
  • Remote users do not have recent patches or current updates.
  • Removable storage drives introduce malware filtered only when crossing the network.
  • Predictable passwords meet minimum length requirements but remain easily guessable.

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