Essay 6 | ENGLISH 111 |


Research Essay #3



Research Prompt #3


Text/Source Requirements

(Choose from the list to the right):

“Rez Life:   An Indian’s Journey Through Reservation Life” by David Treuer (Colombo,   Cullen & Lisle, pg. 651 – 665) 

“The   Loneliness of the Interconnected” – Charles Seife (Colombo, Cullen &   Lisle, pg. 289 – 302)

“Beyond   Outrage” by Robert Reich (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg. 399-406)

“I Just   Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg. 123 – 135)

“Learning   to Read” by Malcolm X (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg. 161 – 169)

“Looking   for Work” by Gary Soto

“Sam   Walton/Jay Z” by George Packer (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg. 350 – 361)

“Land of   the Giants” by Alex Tizon (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg. 645 – 651 )

“Quandaries   of Misrepresentation” by Mona El-Ghobashy (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg.

“Girl” by   Jamaica Kincaid (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg. 

Popular   news websites

Google   Scholar

Government   Websites

Non-profit   Websites

Educational   Websites



MLA format, in-text   and parenthetical citations



5 FULL pages

Using your best writing skills, draft a 5 page essay in MLA format in which you address the topic below:

Many refugees and immigrants come to the United States in search of a dream. After reading texts about experiences in America, you will analyze the ways in which immigrants or refugees from ONE country successfully or unsuccessfully achieve that dream.

You must have:

1. Introduction (with a thesis)

2. Body paragraphs (with topic sentences and supporting details from sources)

3. Conclusion 

Sources with specific or technical information are required and must be documented using MLA format. You may ONLY use the sources above.