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Please read Howard Zinn’s “Drawing the Color Line” from A People’s History of the United States and Alicia Garza’s “A Herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement” (attached below.) Upload a document with your responses to the following questions.

In 2-3 full sentences for each question, please respond:

1. How did slave traders impose force upon enslaved African people? Use 2-3 examples from Zinn’s text.

2. Describe the ways in which profit motivated the slave trade. 

3. How does the #blacklivesmatter movement resist dehumanization that Black Americans have historically faced?

4. Why is it significant for Garza to describe the #blacklivesmatter movement as a “herstory?”

Listen to “The fight for true democracy” (43 minutes, transcript included) –

Then, in the discussion forum, respond to the following questions in 2-3 sentences each

1. What were the driving forces behind American slavery? Use two or three examples from the article you read or podcast you listened to. 

2. What wounds were caused by American Slavery? What scars remain today?

3. How did you feel reading the materials this week? 

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