Everyone likes freedom and I’ve never met another co-worker that said they enjoy being micromanaged.

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Everyone likes freedom and I’ve never met another co-worker that said they enjoy being micromanaged. That said, finding a balance between letting employees do as they wish and ensuring there are enough controls in place to maximize the work being completed can be a challenge for management. In my experience, this is very challenging. I like to keep the reigns pretty loose as long as production and timelines are met. I let my staff know that as long as we are reaching our goals I will not be following up on them and “micro managing” them. I follow up at the beginning of each week with goals and/or task for the week and wrap up the end of each week with where we are and a plan if needed. I keep it very informal and always address them as “team”. For example, I start every email or conversation if in person with Good morning/afternoon team, where are WE at in blah, blah, blah… I think it enforces that we are in this together and while I may not be working on the same things that they are, my work is part of the team’s as well. I try to be as transparent as possible as well because it’s easy for employees to think that managers just sit behind a desk “managing”, but they don’t realize the behind the scenes work that is being done. While they may not need to know everything, I do make it a point to let them know the projects I am working on as well when addressing the goals, I would like them to be working on that week. I think being to “tight” on the controls with employees does not allow them room to excel and prove their worth. Different individuals may respond differently to controls. Some may like it and some may feel threatened by it or that is is demeaning their professionalism. Either way, I think it is best to communicate with your employees and feel them out and have them provide input on how they would like to be managed. I think if they feel valued and that they are part of the team’s success then there will not be a need to tighten the controls unless absolutely needed.