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Project Description:

In this project, you will assist Erica Ramirez, Sales Manager, to create a macro that enters footer information on chart sheets. You will also create several check boxes to indicate manager approval on sales bonuses.


Open   the Excel workbook Student_Excel_9G_Billing.xlsx downloaded with this project.   Save the file in your Excel Chapter 9 folder as an Excel Macro-Enabled   Workbook.


Display the Mortgage Chart   sheet. Record a macro named Chart_Setup and assign the letter j as the Shortcut key. Store the macro in This Workbook.   As the description, type Create footers in chart sheets and then click OK to begin   recording the macro.


On the Page Layout tab, click   Margins, and then click Custom Margins. Display the Header/Footer tab, and   then insert a Custom Footer on the Mortgage Chart sheet that includes the   File name in the left section and the Sheet name in the right section, and   then Stop Recording the macro.


Display the Macro dialog box and   then Edit the macro code. Click after the apostrophe in the line below the   second comment—Create footers in chart   sheets—press SPACEBAR, and then type Inserts file name and sheet name 


Close and Return to Microsoft Excel.   Add the Chart_Setup macro to the Quick Access Toolbar. Modify the button by   changing it to the pie chart—in the second row, the ninth button. If the pie   chart button is not available, choose another button.


Display the Construction Chart   sheet, and then use the button you assigned to the Quick Access Toolbar to   insert the footer. View the Print Preview to verify that the footer was   inserted.


Display the Summary sheet.   Insert three ActiveX Check Box controls positioned at cell B10, B12, and B14   and assign the following properties:

CheckBox1 Billing Billing Verified
CheckBox2 Contact Contacts Verified
CheckBox3 Manager Manager Assigned


Select all three check box   controls so that you can modify the following properties at the same time.   Change the Height to 18 and the Width to 105 and then change the Font to Bold Italic. With all three check   boxes still selected, Distribute Vertically and then Align Left. Turn off   Design Mode and then select each check box.


Remove the pie chart icon from   the Quick Access Toolbar. Display the file properties. As the Tags, type billing   summary and as   the Subject, type your course name and section number. Under Related People,   be sure that your name displays as Author. Save your workbook.


On the Developer tab, in the   Code group, click Macros, and then with the Chart_Setup macro selected, click   Edit. Select and Copy the four green comment lines beginning with the Chart_Setup Macro line and ending with   the Keyboard Shortcut line. Be sure   to include the apostrophe at the beginning of the first selected line. Close   and Return to Microsoft Excel.

  Insert a new worksheet. Rename the sheet Macro Code and then Paste the comment code   to cell A1. AutoFit column A and then move the Macro Code sheet to the end of   the workbook after the Construction Chart sheet. Make the Summary sheet the   active sheet.


Click the File tab, and then   click Save As. Navigate to your Excel Chapter 9 folder, and then click the   Save as type arrow. Click Excel workbook. In the File name box, type Student_Excel_9G_Billing_VBA and then click Save. In the   displayed message box, click Yes. Close your workbook and submit your Student_Excel_9G_Billing_VBA file for   grading.

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