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Project Description:

You are an analyst in the medical profession. The job market for most medical professions that require some post-secondary education is surging. You researched the job outlook that indicated the number of jobs in 2016 and the estimated number of jobs in 2026. You will prepare several charts to help you identify trends.


Start   Excel. Download and open the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch03_HOEAssessment_Medical.xlsx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename.



You want to start by creating a   clustered column chart. You will focus on the top four job titles that   employee the most people.

  In the Top 4 sheet, use the Insert tab to create a clustered column chart for   the range A6:D10. Cut the chart and paste it in cell A16. Set 3.5″   height and 5.7″ width for the chart.


Next, you want to create a   recommended chart to depict the number of people for each job and the   estimated number of new people by 2026. Because the top two jobs have   significantly more people than the other jobs, you will focus on the other   six jobs.

  Display the Medical Jobs sheet. Use the Recommended Charts feature to create   a recommended clustered bar chart for the ranges A6:B13 and D6:D13. Change it   to a stacked bar chart and move it to a chart sheet named Bar Chart


All but medical transcripts will   see growth before 2026. You want to see what percentage each job contributes   to the total job pool for this group of medical professionals.

  Display the New Jobs sheet. Select the range A1:B9 and use Quick Analysis to   create a pie chart. Move the pie chart to a new sheet called Pie Chart. Note, Mac users use the ribbon   to create the pie chart.


The last chart you want to   create will depict the number of new jobs and the related percentage   increase.

  With the New Jobs sheet active, select the range A1:C9, and create a combo   chart with Clustered Column – Line on Secondary Axis. Move the combo chart to   a new sheet called Combo Chart


It is important to replace the   default chart titles with actual descriptive chart titles.

  With the combo chart selected, type New Medical Jobs by 2026 for the chart title. Apply   Black, Text 1 font color to the chart title.
  Select the pie chart, type New Medical Jobs by 2026 for the chart title. Apply   Black, Text 1 font color and 18 pt font size to the chart title.
  Select the bar chart, type Projected Number of Medical Jobs by 2026 as the chart title. Format the   chart title in Black, Text 1 font color and 18-point size.
  Select the column chart, type Top 4 Medical Jobs 2016 and 2026 for the chart title. Format the   chart title in Black, Text 1 font color.


You want to add a value axis   title to clarify the column chart.

  With the column chart selected, add a primary value axis title and type Number of   Jobs as the   axis title.


Adjusting the value axis   settings will make the axis labels easier to read on the bar chart.

  Select the bar chart, change the maximum bound for the value axis to 400000 and display the units in   Thousands. Apply Black, Text 1 font color and 10 pt font size to the value   axis and the category axis.


Showing percentages for pie   slices is important to knowing which job contributes what percentage of the   overall new medical jobs by 2026.

  On the Pie Chart sheet, add category and percentage data labels using Best   Fit position. Remove the value data labels and the legend. Apply Black, Text   1 font color and 12 pt font size to the data labels.


You want to focus on the job   category that will contribute the most growth by 2026.

  Explode the Medical Assistant pie slice by 5%.


You want to apply a chart color   to the combo chart and apply a darker font color to the various chart   elements so that they are easier to read.

  Select the combo chart, select Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 80% solid fill color   for the chart area. Apply Black, Text 1 font color and 9 pt font size to the   primary value axis, secondary value axis, category axis, and legend.



It is a best practice to add Alt   Text for each chart for accessibility compliance.

  With the combo chart selected, add Alt Text: Number of new medical jobs and percentage   increase in new jobs by 2026

  Select the pie chart, add Alt Text: Percentage of new medical jobs by job   title

  Select the bar chart, add Alt Text: 2016 plus the estimated number of new   jobs by 2026

  Select the column chart, add Alt Text: Compares number of medical jobs in 2016   and 2026


With the column chart selected,   apply Style 6 chart style and Colorful Palette 2.


You decide to include only the   2016 and 2026 data in the column chart.

  Change data source by excluding the # of New Jobs data series. Then switch   the data series and categories so that the years are on the category axis.


You want to illustrate the 2016   and 2026 number of jobs with sparklines in the Medical Jobs sheet.

  Select the range B7:C15 and insert column sparklines in the range G7:G15.   Show the low point.


Each sparkline has its own start   and stop value. To depict the data more accurately, you will adjust the   minimum and maximum values on the axes.

  Customize sparklines by setting the vertical axis minimum value to be the   same for all sparklines and setting the vertical axis maximum value to the be   same for all sparklines. 


To make the sparklines easier to   read, you will increase the row height.

  With the sparklines selected, adjust the row height to 20.


Insert a footer with Exploring   Series on the   left, the sheet name code in the center, and the file name code on the right   on all the sheets except Medical Jobs and New jobs. Change to Normal view.


Save and close Exp19_Excel_Ch03_HOEAssessment_Medical.xlsx.   Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.

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