Explain and critically evaluate major topics and research in psychology.

This assignment will meet the course objective(s) • Critically analyze and discuss psychological issues. •Explain and critically evaluate major topics and research in psychology. To meet these objectives, you will be required to develop and present an in-class oral presentation based on the topic chosen for your annotated bibliography. This is your opportunity to share what you have learned during your mini-review of the topic related to the material in the course that you found particularly interesting.

This may be the first time you or others have presented so it is important to maintain a safe environment and to encourage and support one another without fear of judgment from peers.

Guidelines for your presentation

What do include: You should focus your presentation on a narrow topic and cover it well. Do not try to include everything you have learned but rather integrate the information from the 3 articles to “tell a story”. All the information in the slide must come from the references you used for your individual annotated bibliographies. You may not use information from websites or other non-peer-reviewed sources. You may use pictures, graphs, etc from other non-academic sources.

Formatting: The presentation must follow APA guidelines with in-text citations and a single reference list at the end of the presentation. This is a 3-5 minute presentation so it should be about 5 slides including an APA formatted title page (separate slide) and an APA reference list (separate slide).

Below is a link to a few sites that may be useful in preparing the ppt. https://www.apa.org/gradpsych/2012/01/presentations (Links to an external site.)