Explain how Kerberos fits into the design and the mechanism used to provide security

Discussion 4

“Human Nature”

Human nature affects how events are interpreted and how we react to others. IT Security specialists implement access controls to guard against human error.

Open the PDF: IBM X Force Intelligence Index 2019. Describe the purpose of this report. How is this information useful to a business? Let’s start with provide insightful reasoning on why the finance and insurance industries have a higher percentage of insider malicious attacks, and why ransomware has become a popular cyber-attack. Explain the significance of your findings. We may adjust these questions throughout the week.
Discussion 5

“Physical Access Control”

Physical security is the oldest form of access control. These controls are layered throughout the organization, starting with facility controls. These controls continue to all parts of the enterprise network.

Your CIO is interested in outsourcing physical security. Outline the pros and cons to his suggestion. Create a list of 10 best practices and choose which practice you believe is the most important. Justify your answer.
Discussion 6

“Enterprise Access Controls”

The higher the risk of an attacker entering an organization and compromising information, the more constraints the enterprise should place on their users.

Suppose that your place of employment uses three (3) separate login methods to access different resources on the network. Assess how a Single Sign On (SSO) within an Active Directory Domain would be the best solution to this issue. Explain how Kerberos fits into the design and the mechanism used to provide security. Would there be any downsides to these methods? Justify your answer.

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