Extra credit opportunity_ outside reading


This extra credit opportunity is intended to encourage you to read outside of what is required for class, and to reduce stress about your grades in this class. This extra credit opportunity is worth up to 30 points.

For this project, you are creating a poster and book review that explains why you would recommend the book to others.


  1. Read a book that is not assigned for class. This book can be fiction or nonfiction, but it must have received a major book award. 
  2. Complete a short book review (2 to 3 pages, single-spaced) that includes the following:
    1. The overall theme of the book and explanation/example
    2. Why you enjoyed reading it
    3. Why it would be a worthwhile experience for others to read it
  3. Create a poster, which includes:
    1. the author and title of book
    2. elements that represent an important character, event, theme, symbol, etc. from the book

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