Final 10page paper – for essays guru

have the last step of the paper which worth 300 pts, I also attached the previous essay that is connected to the final paper. The paper should be 10pages

You are submitting your final version of the paper, which includes a Works Cited page that includes ALL the sources (scholarly and not scholarly/trade/popular) that you reference in your paper and cited in perfect MLA format. 

If you would like to try to get a better grade on the Annotated Bibliography assignment, you can submit a revised Annotated Bibliography that corrects the errors made in the original submission. You have the option, the choice, of submitting a revised Annotated Bibliography. Obviously if you received full points on that assignment or you were happy with the points you received, then you don’t have to submit

Yes, the Works Cited page and Annotated Bibliography will have some duplication, but that is acceptable because the two documents serve different functions.


1. Be creative. Remember I have to read your paper. Try to keep me interested until the last page by writing a paper that proposes a unique, non-obvious concept.

2. The paper can be no more than 18 pages excluding the Works Cited, any Appendix, and the Annotated Bibliography. Works Cited can be as long as needed.

3. Works Cited and the in-text citations should be in proper MLA format. Millions, well, maybe hundreds, of online sources exist telling what is the proper format. Use them. The CSUN Oviatt Library has one available.

4. Periods and commas ALWAYS go inside quotation marks.

5. Proof read your paper carefully before submitting it. If you are horrible at proof reading, get help from friends and family. Someone with an obsessive-compulsive personality is often very good at this task. Ask for their help and reward them generously.

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