Financial basics | Education homework help

  1. Did you have a positive or negative cash flow? Are you able to incorporate any of the money savings ideas into your budget?
  2. What can you do now to improve your financial health? Weekly goals could include tracking your purchases every day, avoiding your financial weaknesses (expensive dinners out, designer coffee drinks, unplanned purchases), learning about a certain financial subject, and anything else that will keep you on track.
  3. What can you do each month that will improve your financial health? Monthly goals could include balancing your checkbook, contributing to your savings account or IRA, paying off a certain amount of debt (like a credit card bill), and checking to see if your actual spending was in line with your budget.
  4. Have you ever thought about your financial health in terms of an entire year? Where would you like to be financially one year from now? Yearly goals are more readily obtainable than your five-year goals and make great milestones in fulfilling your financial plan. These goals could include reducing overall debt by a certain amount, saving for a certain item or trip or starting an IRA.

The journal entry should include at least one weekly, monthly and yearly goals to improve your financial health and a minimum of 250 words. The attached grading rubric provides detailed information.

Weekly goal is to minimize out to eat spending.

Monthly goal is to minimize access spending such as shopping movies etc.

Yearly goal is improve credit score.

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