First paper | Applied Sciences homework help

First:  View  audio/slide Lecture 1.  

Next: WRITE THE FIRST SHORT PAPER(750-1000 words).  The paper should be written in MS-Word, or a Word-compatible format.

The general assignment description read as follows: “How does the artifact bring together the different methods and focus an understanding of the data presented in the module?  How does it show the relationship between the artistic and the spiritual?  How does it illumine the process of creativity and its relationship to thought and spirituality?” You need to chose at least ONE painting you have encountered so far in the course.  You can  find the painting either in the course content or by typing the name of the artist and/or the painting into the search box for Google images.  When you write about the painting, make sure you insert a facsimile into your paper.  You should insert the image at the beginning of the paper.  If you want to insert further images to illustrate your argument, that is fine too.

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