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 watch the video Wealth Inequality in America (cc) (6:03). Follow the instructions and answer the three questions found in the Module Four Worksheet Guidelines and Rubric document. Worksheet is attached below. 

DISCUSSION 2- The social issue you use was drug and alcohol

 you will submit Mapping the Issue (Section II of your final project). This milestone is a concept map that will help you visualize the social issue and how it relates to the following sociological concepts: cultural beliefs and biases, social roles, social inequalities, and existing social conditions. A concept map is a visual diagram that helps you make mental connections between concepts and show the nature of those relationships graphically. In a concept map, lines represent that there is a relationship between different categories. Soc 112 Milestone two is attached


 Now that you have broken the social issue into smaller pieces in the concept map, you will explain the connections you made and how these connections will help you better understand the issue. You will use your knowledge from the course to describe the connections between the sociological concepts and the social issue and demonstrate the value of using a sociological view when examining social issues in a one-page write-up. Also submit the concept map from Module Four.