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Create protocols to manage nutritional deficiencies

This Assignment needs to be at least 2 pages in length (around 500 words),

written in APA format, and must include at least two references.


Describe the general characteristics of vitamins. Indicate population groups for whom vitamin-mineral supplements may be necessary.  Explain the role of minerals in regulating body processes.  Discuss factors that affect the absorption of minerals.  Describe the clinical effects of a deficiency or excess of each mineral.



Imagine that you are a WIC (Women’s, Infant & Children) nutritionist working at the local county health department. A female in her mid-twenties was referred to you because she not only qualified for the WIC program due to her previous pregnancy (her child is now 16 months old and is formula/bottle fed), but also because she is planning to become pregnant in a few months. Her name is Jane, and she was referred to you because her previous OB/GYN annual exam and blood test results revealed that she is severely anemic. What protocol would you design to help Jane manage her nutritional deficiency? What other foods and/or vitamin/mineral supplements would you recommend to Jane? Why?


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