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The Prompt – Read All of this at least twice!!

Oh No!  Mt. Rainier has erupted with an explosive force ten times that of the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption, so this is a big one and you are a news reporter based in Tacoma, Washington.  Your specialty is science and you’re really talented at explaining science news to the public.  Your editor wants an article on the eruption that not only tells what is happening, but explains why it is happening.  Get to work!

Your editor wants you to cover at least the following list, but he expects you to do a lot of research on your own, cite your sources, and have a great article ready to go for tomorrow’s paper.  Your editor is giving you the front page so this should be a substantial news report with lots of details, background info, room for a map and pictures…..

· Were there any precursers to the eruption, what were they and why were they happening?

· What’s the eruptive history of Mt. Rainer?

· What is the tectonic setting of the volcano and how does this affect the type of explosion that is occurring?

· Describe the type of eruption that occurred and what type of materials were ejected.

· Describe other hazards caused by the eruption such as mud flows….

· Describe how the surrounding area is being affected and what the emergency response is. 

· Interview a local volcanologist and include a few quotes from her. 

· You’re trying to educate the public, so use those geological terms but explain what they mean. 


Section 6.14 in your Reynolds book should help you get started, but you’ll need to do additional research on your own.  I’d strongly suggest that you read over all the sections of the USGS webpage on the hazards at Mt. Rainier.  USGS

USGS (  You will also need to find other resources on your own.  


Be sure to cite your references and use quotation marks around any text that you copy.   Use quotes sparsely, only when absolutely necessary.  If you do not list your references, you will receive a zero for plagiarism.

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