For my discussion this week I have the pleasure of analyzing Nia from our studies in Ch 4.

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Peer one

For my discussion this week I have the pleasure of analyzing Nia from our studies in Ch 4.  Nia is a great student when it comes to getting her homework done on time.  However, she sometimes lacks the follow through on what the intentions of the assignment were.  She strives on getting the assignment completed in the way she thinks it should be done.  This in turn hurts her grades, as she doesn’t accept any feedback about the assignments she has turned in.  She needs to utilize her LCI more effectively.  Her scores show that she uses Sequence and Precision first, but from her story it doesn’t appear that she is using them in the right manner.  She needs to reflect on ways to improve her assignments and tether her confluence, sequence, and precision to produce a better end product.  Sometimes it’s not about turning it in on time, but more doing the correct work.

As for an experience that I have came across, I would have to say teaching a new class is one that I have found challenging.  Whenever I take on a new class it takes a lot of time and a lot of prep work to get everything set up and organized.  I use my Sequence first whenever I start to get everything gathered up for the start of the course.  Knowing that I utilize this sequence first, I should try to intensify and tether my Confluence so that I can brainstorm more efficient ways to get the prep done faster.  I know that there have to be better ways to get the class started; I just need to set aside some time to come up more ideas.  What I have started doing to improve on this is, whenever I am notified of an upcoming class starting I start the think of different ways I can improve the process.  Doing little things, like streamlining the online access for the students, or even getting the student guides ready before day one, has helped out tremendously.

My Learning Pattern Scores- Sequence 26, Precise 25, Technical 28, Confluent 20





Peer two:

Assigned Learner- Nia

There are a few things Nia could have done to FIT her learning patterns. The first that jumps to mind is that Nia should intensify her technical reasoning. This would have forced her to have the instructions explained until she understood what was exactly being asked of her. Also it would have made her follow the ASA style and cite her material accordingly.

Something else Nia can do to FIT her learning patterns would be to tether all three of her dominant patterns or the over confidence will continue to be her downfall. Pulling back on the sequence should allow her to figure out the correct way the assignment is supposed to be accomplished. Proof reading the assignment would help to find any mistakes and notice if her answer really is correct. Finally reading the feedback of the professor and other students could only benefit. By reading the feedback you might find something you missed or lead you to even better conclusion.

One way I could have FIT my learning patterns was when I took one of the week 3 grammar quizzes.I should have tethered my sequence so that the assignment was an important part of the class and not something that needed to be checked of my list. I should have tethered my precision so that I could have gone back into the reading and figured out the mistake I kept making instead of trying to prove I could get a better grade on my own. Last but no least I should have let my technical reasoning go, so I could concentrate more and figure out the answers.



My LCI scores Sequence 27, Precision 30, Tech Reasoning 27 and confluence 23.