For the company jimmy beans wool write a short paper (maximum 5


For the company Jimmy Beans Wool write a short paper (maximum 5 pages, excluding non-content pages) on the problem or opportunity you plan to address in your final presentation and paper.

Your paper should contain the following:

  • A formal statement of the problem or opportunity, including a description of the situation and the strategic impact it has on the organization
  • A narrative about what you believe to be the causes that contribute to the existence of the situation
  • Descriptions of the alternative solutions you are considering
  • Descriptions of elements of the cost/benefit analysis you will include, both recurring and non-recurring
  • A narrative identifying key “systems” interactions of your plan and how you might address them

The paper must use a formal writing style and follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Manual) 6th edition, 7th printing (2010) writing guidelines.

Here are the resources! Please ensure you use the company Jimmy Beans Wool as before!  

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