For this part of the assignment, you and your team will be graded on your knowledge and presentation.


There will be 2 components towards your grade when you directly participate in your debate:

(1) Group presentation (100 points): For this part of the assignment, you and your team will be graded on your knowledge and presentation. The structure and points to cover will be explained in more detail for each panel. The presentation will be in a PowerPoint format and uploaded for the class to see. Each group will upload one joint PowerPoint presentation file. You will be graded as a group; however, each student will be given the opportunity to evaluate the performance of each member of the group using an evaluation tool provided by the instructor. Hence, these within-group peer evaluations can be used to help determine an individual student’s group presentation grade.

(2) Written assignment (100 Points): For this part of the assignment, each student in the group will independently prepare and submit approximately a 5-6 page, 11 font double-spaced word essay describing support for their assigned stance ‘pro’ or ‘con’ with at least 5 reputable sources (see format below), such as data gathered from PubMed, Web of Science, or governmental agencies. You cannot support your claim with public discussion sources or material that is opinion based. You can present situations regarding public opinion with reliable sources or describe events (protesting etc.), but these stories will not count as your 5 major sources. You can work with your group to gather information but the paper is to be independently written by each student and reflect all the information researched to support your stance. The last paragraph will be an opportunity to describe whether you personally agree or disagree with the stance that you defended and why. This assignment will be due on the day of your presentation.

Citation format;

Sabo-Attwood T, Ramos-Nino ME, Eugenia-Ariza M, et al. Osteopontin modulates inflammation, mucin production, and gene expression signatures after inhalation of asbestos in a murine model of fibrosis. Am J Pathol 2011;178:1975-85.

TOPIC: CONS OF CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) specifically the mental health of the workers in the facilities, mental health of society because of these facilities (PETA)


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