Frank invested $10,000 in a steel company that went out of business and had over a million dollars

PHI 445 week 1 Quiz

Question 1.

Question :

Corporations may sometimes have trouble reconciling:

[removed]profits and social responsibility.

[removed]social responsibility and ethics.

[removed]ethical values and morality.

[removed]profits and shareholder dividends.

Question 2.

Question :

Frank invested $10,000 in a steel company that went out of business and had over a million dollars in outstanding debt. Frank only loses his $10,000 dollars due to:

[removed]limited credibility.

[removed]perpetual liability.

[removed]corporate personhood.

[removed]limited liability.

Question 3.

Question :

A boycott is one way consumers can express:

[removed]their complaints about stockholder value.

[removed]their objections to a company’s practices.

[removed]their satisfaction with a company’s marketing strategy.

[removed]their objections to price-earnings ratios.

Question 4.

Question :

A charitable act, such as donating food to the poor, might be an example of:

[removed]a person acting altruistically.

[removed]a person acting egoistically.

[removed]a person acting oppressively.

[removed]a person acting selfishly.

Question 5.

Question :

If the government bans eating too much junk food, this might be characterized as:

[removed]legal moralism.

[removed]legal realism.

[removed]legal paternalism.

[removed]legal conventionalism.

Question 6.

Question :

Bob hates his job, but unemployment is very high in his area and he cannot find another job. Marx might say:

[removed]Bob should quit his job anyway.

[removed]Bob is alienated from his labor.

[removed]Bob should be happy he has a job.

[removed]Bob will eventually come to like his job.

Question 7.

Question :

Who is generally given credit for introducing fundamental human rights into the American political system?

[removed]Thomas Hobbes

[removed]John Locke

[removed]Thomas Jefferson

[removed]Alain Locke

Question 8.

Question :

John Stuart Mill might defend laws against driving while intoxicated by appealing to the:

[removed]harm principle.

[removed]egoism principle.

[removed]duty principle.

[removed]divine principle.

Question 9.

Question :

A defining characteristic of a corporation is:

[removed]quarterly profitability.

[removed]eternal indebtedness.

[removed]perpetual liability.

[removed]perpetual existence.

Question 10.

Question :

Ann runs a pottery studio out of her own home. Marx might say her labor is not alienated because:

[removed]she makes more money than working for a corporation.

[removed]she makes less money than working for a corporation.

[removed]she makes enough money to pay for health care.

[removed]she makes a creative expression of herself in her pottery.

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