Gatsby fiction vs reality | English homework help

Before reading the chapter, list at least four rumors about Gatsby in the column on the left. Now read Chapter 6. After finishing the chapter, list at least four facts about Gatsby. 8 points for the chart and 32 points for the paragraph = 40 pts

Response: Create a CER response paragraph to explain the major differences between the fictional Gatsby and the real Gatsby. 6 sentence response required. Use the following format to help you formulate your response.  

Claim – what is the difference between fiction and reality in Gatsby’s life?

Evidence – evidence of fiction

Response – what picture does this paint for others/the society in which he lives?

Evidence – transition to evidence of reality

Response – why does Gatsby hide this from the world around him?

Conclusion – Why is this so important for the reader to know moving forward in the story?


1 complex sentence highlighted  yellow.

1 ellipse used in an embedded quote highlighted blue. 

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