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Planning effective English language arts lessons involves focusing on multiple literacy skills, aligned to state or national standards, while incorporating interesting, student-centered activities. When focusing on grammar and writing, it is essential to set high expectations while presenting real-world connections, encouraging creativity, and keeping student interest in mind. Furthermore, focusing on using proper grammar and writing conventions in the ELA classroom is essential due to the interconnectivity of the two skill areas.

For this assignment, use the “COE Lesson Plan Template” to create a standards-based grammar and writing lesson based on the selected literature.

Include in your lesson:

· Objectives aligned to state or national grade appropriate grammar and writing standards.

· Content-specific vocabulary development.

· Technology or multimedia that supports developmentally appropriate, engaging instruction.

· Engaging instructional strategies and activities in grammar and writing.

· Assessments aligned to learning objectives that are engaging for students and provide meaningful feedback.

· Differentiation for exceptional students, culturally diverse students, and English language learners.

In a 250-500 word rationale, discuss how the grammar and writing strategies and activities chosen build upon the previously taught reading and vocabulary skills.

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