Healthcare pricing and transparency | healthcare insurance and reimbursement | Texas Tech University

DUE Saturday 6-19-2021 at 2pm CST

There is much discussion regarding pricing transparency.  Research the healthcare pricing transparency rule for hospitals that went into effect on January 1, 2019 requiring hospitals to post their standard charges online.  Based upon your research, complete the following:

Part 1: Explain key aspects of this transparency rule, including the rule that required hospitals to post their standard charges online, the agency that established this rule, and the purpose of the rule.  Do you think it will serve its intended purpose?  Why or why not?

Part 2: Review the posted charges of two different hospitals.  Provide the name of the hospitals and the URL addresses where you located the charges.  Compare and contrast the two.  Potential topics can include ease of finding the charges, understandability of the charge postings (will a lay person be able to understand what he owes?), the differences attributable to the differences between the two hospitals, etc.

This written assignment should be completed as a single Word document.  The paper should be single-spaced.  No APA formatting required other than APA formatting of any outside references used.  Part 1 should be approximately two paragraphs in length and Part 2 should include one brief paragraph for each hospital in which you discuss that hospital’s posted charges, and then one or two paragraphs comparing and contrasting the two.  No specific heading is required, but, please do include your name on the assignment.  Papers will be graded based upon thoroughness, accuracy of information, and proper written communication, including grammar, mechanics, organization, etc.  Please go to the assignment link below or via the toolbar to view the grading rubric for this assignment and to upload and submit the assignment.


Instructions for this assignment can be found in the Course Content area for the week the assignment is due.

Please upload this assignment as a single Word document.  The assignment will be graded based upon the following rubric:



Accurate, throrough, well-written

Covered most key aspects, some errors

Covered some aspects, several errors

Incomplete, not well-written

Part 1 – Discussion of pricing transparency rule

56 – 60

48 – 55

42 – 47

< 42

Part 2 – Comparison of two hospitals’ charge postings

56 – 60

48 – 55

42 – 47

< 42

Formatting, grammar, mechanics, syntax

28 – 30

24 – 27

21 – 23

< 21


140 – 150

120 – 140

105 – 119

< 119

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