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INSTRUCTIONS:   The main focus of your paper will be to examine the primary documents that form the basis of the question.  You may certainly use any relevant information from either your textbook or in-class lectures to help support your answer…WITH the understanding that you MUST quote from the required primary documents for that question.  Any citations MUST BE in MLA format.  Your paper WILL  BE double spaced (no hand written papers), and you will use a font no larger than Arial 10pt, Cambria 11pt, or Times New Roman 12pt. Be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement and argument points, well thought out analysis, proper references, and a neatly worded conclusion.  LENGTH = @ 5 PAGES

· TOPIC CHOICE ~ In forming his argument that the United States needed a National Bank, Alexander Hamilton wrote, “It is unquestionably incident to sovereign power to erect corporations…where the authority of the government is general, it can create corporations in all cases.”  President Washington sought the opinion of Thomas Jefferson on Hamilton’s plan, and he advised against the Bank by writing, “The incorporation of a bank…[has] not, in my opinion, been delegated to the United States by the Constitution.” Where specifically do Hamilton and Jefferson disagree on whether or not the U.S. Constitution allows for the forming of a National Bank?  You are required to make an argument as to which man you agree with, but your grade will also rest on the specifics of your answer.  Hamilton obviously thinks he can create a bank, and Jefferson says the opposite.  Please provide AT LEAST two quotes each (2) from

Hamilton-An Act to Establish a Bank-1791.pdf


Jefferson-Constitutionality of the National Bank-1791.pdf

as evidence.

The main book is America : A Narrative History

by George Brown Tindall and David E. Shi

could be found at Z library for download.

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