Hpr 350 week 3 assignment | HPR 350 Introduction to Epidemiology | Ashford University

Week 3 – Assignment

Outbreak at Watersedge

Play this interactive game “Outbreak at Watersedge” found here:
Outbreak at Watersedge (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. (n.d.) Retrieved from http://www.mclph.umn.edu/watersedge/game.html

Then, address the following questions in question-answer format (i.e. retype each question and then place your response below). Unlike most assignments, this is not a formal paper; however, you do need to add a cover page.

Short Answer Questions:

  1. What are the symptoms experienced by the patients?
  2. Where are the majority of the cases located?
  3. What led you to take water samples (aside from the computer telling you to do so)?
  4. Which water sample tested positive? What was different about this water sample than the others?
  5. What was the biological cause of the outbreak; what factors contributed to the agent getting into the water; and what family does the biological agent belong to?
  6. What factors contributed to the development and spread of the outbreak?
  7. How would you report information to the public?

The assignment

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