Hsa-6175 final group project – hca healthcare


Final Project

The student will select a public, for-profit healthcare company from the following list and obtain the entity’s financial data (current and historical). The student will review the organization’s financial reports and evaluate the information contained in these reports, determine the effectiveness of the organization and provide critique or commentary on the fiscal condition of the organization.

Using the information gained throughout the class, students should be able to interpret whether or not the selected organization is solvent, break-even or in financial problems. Included in the research paper, the student should provide information, which might assist the organization or improve the organization’s ability to meet its objectives.

Purpose: To enhance the student’s ability to acquire an increased understanding of health care finance by conducting scholarly research and analysis of a health care business.

Format and Length: The paper should be approximately fifteen (15) pages using APA format.

Content: Include a title page, table of contents, and appropriate references. In addition, the paper’s text will have five (5) parts:

1. Introduction

2. Discussion of the business including: historical development, current status and favorable and unfavorable trends.

3. Financial analysis of the past three years’ financial statements, including analysis of appropriate financial ratios.

4. Discussion of alternatives (culminating in a recommendation) for resolving or improving identified financial (and possibly management) issues.

5. Conclusion

Evaluation: The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

· Content: Originality of thought and depth of research and analysis.

· Context: Logic and organization of material as well as clarity of presentation.

· Form: Adherence to format requirement and extent to which the work meets graduate level attention to grammar and appearance.

List of companies:


 The paper will be submitted via Canvas. Final Projects will not be accepted after the due date.


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