Humanities discussion 2 | Philosophy homework help

Discussion 2

DUE DATES: Main post due by the end of Wednesday February 10th, and peer response due by the end of Friday February 12th. (the discussion board will close at 11:59pm that day).  In the last classes, we have covered different aspects of the Ancient Greek history. One of the topics briefly mentioned was the birth of democracy.For this week, you will research that topic and discuss with your classmates about it.Topic:  Compare and contrast direct democracy (as practiced in Athens, Greece) and representative democracy (as practiced in the United States of America). 

  1. Main Post: Write a minimum of 250 words discussion about the topic. (Part A of the assignment- 7 points)
  2. Peer Response: Read and respond to at least 1 other classmate (min. 125 words). (Part B- 3 points) 

Total points possible: 10 points Note: The peer response must contain relevant content as well. Avoid repeating (even in different words) what you wrote about in your main discussion, as part of the response to the classmate. Whether you agree or disagree with your peer’s discussion, add new content, new information to your peer’s discussion.  Add to the discussion.  Meaning, only an “I agree with you” or “Interesting findings” kind of comments do not fulfill the peer responses’ requirements.  Citations: Use external resources (books, articles), to support your discussion.  Cite them using APA Format. When you cite a sentence/paragraph,  it shows that it is not your opinion, but that of a scholar or someone who has studied the subject. That validates your stance on the subject. While opinions are welcome,  make facts your main focus as you create your discussion, and react to others’ responses. For information about citation/references, see the following site:, there are two parts to a citation, the in-text citation and the reference list at the end of the writing. MDC Online Library has thousands of online books and articles.