Hydrological cycle paper | Education homework help

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that identifies the effects that people have on the hydrological cycle and the consequences of these effects. In the paper, include the following: Describe the water cycle, including sources of usable freshwater and renewal times for rivers, lakes, and ground water. Explain how wetland destruction and creation of impervious surfaces through urban development affect the water cycle and contribute to flooding. Explain some pros and cons to using levees for flood control and whether it is in the best interest of communities to rely of levees to prevent flooding. Explain how dams influence the hydrologic cycle and whether they are viable option for long-term flood control, water supplies, or power generation. Explain three issues associated with irrigation, including whether current rates of aquifer use are sustainable. Include at least three references in addition to the text, formatted consistent with APA guidelines. 

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