I believe that the HR professional should be more of a screener then the actual decision maker.

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Hiring the Best


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As an HR professional, I would conduct an in person interview to begin the process. I believe that meeting with a person face to face gives you the best impression of a person and allows you to see their facial expressions as they answer questions and truly understand them. I believe that this should be the start of any hiring process.

I believe that as an HR professional it is HR’s job to filter out anyone that does not meet the job’s criteria, or match the expectations of the company, I believe that anyone that meet’s the criteria and appears to be a good candidate and qualified for the position should be sent on to a second phase of the interview. This next phase being interviewed by the manager or team leader that will be managing this individual. I believe that the team leader knows the specific needs of their team and should be able to ask specific questions and get a feel for if the individual will meet these needs.

I believe that if the manager feels that the candidate has strong potential the individual should be called back to a third phase of hiring, interacting with the team that they will be working with. This helps to see how an individual performs in a team environment and how they mesh with the team. If there are two or more strong candidates a manager can then gage the best fit with the team.

I believe that the HR professional should be more of a screener then the actual decision maker. They help send good matches to the hiring official and then the hiring official gets to ask the job appropriate questions and engage them and really see if they are suited for the job. I particularly like how Brito (2010) describes when hiring employees gets left to the Human Resource Department, “Imagine what would happen,” says Mr. Brito, “if a team coach delegated the recruiting of players to someone else.” “What would happen,” he asks, “if professors gave their lectures to someone else, stating that they didn’t have time to teach?” (p. 1) This makes an important point; we wouldn’t expect these tasks to be left up to others, so why do we expect the HR department to be able to find the perfect candidate for a job that is not theirs.

My husband was hired for a job after one phone call that he didn’t even think was an interview, he thought it was just the department manager calling to say hello and initiate contact with him, the next week he received a phone call from the HR department letting him know he’d been chosen for the job. My husband has been at this job for years now and it was a great fit for the employer and for my husband but I cannot imagine being the hiring authority and being so casual about the hiring process.


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