I have selected scope as the most important constraint because it’s “the reason and purpose of the project” (Barron),

Of the triple constraints of IT project management, I think that scope would be most important for UMUC Haircuts.


I have selected scope as the most important constraint because it’s “the reason and purpose of the project” (Barron), and will require the most management. If the tasks required to complete the project get out of hand and transforms into something larger then what was planned, it could also negatively impact the schedule and cost and eventually cause the project to fail.


To ensure that scope management is well addressed, in an effort to maximize Myra’s chance of success, I would begin by first breaking down all required tasks, resources and strategies. In doing so I would identify all needed requirements, development a logical plan being sure to include inputs from team members and risk factors, clearly identify who is going to be working on each task, and ensure that the progress of the project is being tracked every step of the way.



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  1. What do you think is the most important of the triple constraints of project management for UMUC Haircuts?
  2. Explain briefly why you selected that constraint.
  3. Discuss how you would ensure that this aspect was well addressed to maximize Myra’s chance for success.

Out of the three constraints of project management, I would say that the most important, in my opinion, for UMUC haircuts is the Schedule/Time constraint. Even though I feel that Schedule/Time Constraint is important, I do realize the importance of the Cost/Resource and Scope/Quality Constraints as well. Each of these constraints needs each other to be balanced in order to work beneficially. “Any changes to any one side cause a change in the other sides,” Merrie Barron, 2015.Myra is constantly busy and does not have a lot of time throughout the day to even order supplies. She has to make appointments over the phone, greet customers, schedule customers, and is trying to operate her business without any up to date technology or programs that assist her. UMUC Haircuts is not the only business around either. Myra has competition all around her area and Hair Cuttery is opening 5 miles from her location as well as a new spa. Myra is swamped and needs a system put into place as soon as possible in order to keep up with and order inventory, scheduling customers, scheduling employees, and marketing. By implementing a project manager, and following the five steps to project success as told by Jim Chip, 2006.

“Plan the work, and then work the plan

1. Figure out what business you’re in, and then mind your business.

2. Document the requirements and put them under version control

3. Prepare a reasonable plan

4. Build a good team with clear ownership tasks

5. Track status and give it wide visibilit.



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