i want a written job description supervisor in the human resources department, i attached file contains a model i hope to answer it

i want a written job description supervisor in the human resources department, i attached file contains a model i hope to answer it



i have The education and certificates that I possess include a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a certificate in human resource and project management. I also have a diploma in IT networks.


Sample Job Description Template


1-    Job description

Job Titlesupervisor


Job Statement:

Provide a brief paragraph that specifically describes the major job duties normally associated with this benchmark position.


Essential Functions:

Use a series of bullet points or numbered single sentences describing the

responsibilities and duties identified in the previously completed job analysis.  The purpose of essential functions is the following:


 1) identify the reason the position exists to perform the function.

2) show that as limited number of employees are available among whom the performance of the function may be distributed.

 3) the function may be highly specialized, requiring needed expertise or abilities to complete the job.


Note that statements covering the job duties are typically arranged in the order of importance. It is also a good idea to show what percentage of time would be spent by the incumbent on each function based on a typical 40 hour work week (10% = 4 hours).


Job Specifications:

Be sure to identify the actual knowledge and skills previously stated in your job analysis. Knowledge would include the minimum educational level required to successfully accomplish the job. Skills could be very specific technical skills critical to successfully achieving goals in this job. This would also include any special licenses, certificates, or registration requirements. Take time to clearly identify and state the minimum physical requirements the job places upon the employee performing it.


2-    Department needs:


how will this position help the organization achieve critical goals?


3-    Job announcement:


How will you advertise for this job opening, and why?



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