I woke up one august morning in a warm sweat. i ran to thr

I woke up one august morning in a warm sweat. I ran to thr refrigerator to get a cold drink, but the refrigerator was broken and all the drinks were as hor as me. I walked over to my electric fan, but it wasnt working either. I then turned on the television and finally realized that the electricity in my house was out. Later that day, I went to the pool to cool off. I dived right in! I swam eight laps before I began to get tired. My friend jeremy then bought me an ice cream cone. I got a vanilla ice cream xone with rainbow sprinkles. Even though it was really hot, I did have a lot of fun…

That was the story to my question.
What character traits are described by the narrator?
What sentence in the passage identifies the characters trait?

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