Imformative speech | English homework help

I WANT MY SPEECH TO BE ON ROSA PARKS AND HER MOVEMENT !TOU WILL PREPARE A TYPED OUTLINE. You will give a speech on an object, event, or process.  For example, if you choose an informative speech on a process then the purpose of the speech to demonstrate. This type of speech takes the audience through a series of events which lead them to a specific result or product. How to create holiday ornaments, how to take dents out of fenders and how to tune a guitar are all speeches about process . You are required to use a visual aid such as an object or power point, ALSO THREE CREDIBLE SOURCES (BESIDE YOURSELF) MUST BE MENTIONED IN THE SPEECH AND REFERENCED PROPERLY IN OUTLINE. ALSO MAKE A PAGE WHERE YOU HAVE INFORMATION SO I CAN USE THAT TO WRITE ON NOTECARDS TO PRESENT. ATTATCHED IS HOW THE OUTLINE NEEDS TO BE , MUST HAVE PREPARATION OUTLINE AND DETAILED OUTINE!! MUST HAVE A WORK CITED ( SOURCE )  PAGE !!!!!!

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