In general, what is the impact of political and social instability on non-government organizations?

Political Instability-Challenges and Opportunities

Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) are essential as they fulfill a purpose that is traditionally addressed by a government (Balteanu & Marcu, 2014).  In order for an NGO to be impactful and serve its purpose, it will require support and involvement from those it has been organized to help, as well as maintain financial and management autonomy, devoid of the governmental influence (Johnson & Stoskopf, 2010).  Political and social instability has made it difficult for NGO’s to fulfill their purpose to meet the needs of the communities they have pin pointed as their focus (Balteanu & Marcu).  During unrest experienced by many countries, residents who need shelter, food, and medical care, benefit from what NGO’s to provide (Balteanu & Marcu).  Without the government, military, or religious backing of the NGO’s purpose, the NGO will not be able to fulfill it’s intent (Balteanu & Marcu).

Resident of unstable regions through out the world, are without food, shelter, and medical care due to the preoccupation with control, whether through the government, military, or religious factions.  The unstable governments within these regions are either unwilling or unable to care for the needs of their citizens or have taken away their ability to care for themselves.  NGO’s have the ability to provide for the needs of the people and help them sustain, if allowed.

In general, what is the impact of political and social instability on non-government organizations?



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