Include what you have learned and your reaction to the information I have included

I would like you to reflect on a subject matter that we have discussed in class up to this point. You may include your own opinion in this as well as some of the information that is troubling to you or that you were not aware of before this class. Two page requirement.

Topic- Communication and sexuality/ love and intimacy

. You are able to add your own reaction to the paper, I am going to add some notes from the class about this topic so you can also add notes from the power points as well.

. Include what you have learned and your reaction to the information I have included

. Be sure to have exactly 2 pages


Communication and Gender

Genderlects: women use rapport-talk (connection); men

use report-talk (information)

Women less assertive in conversation

tag questions, disclaimers, question statements, hedge


Categories of communication skills

Affective : comforting, listening

Instrumental: persuasive, narrative

Sexuality magnifies existing communication problems

in a relationship

Reciprocity: the more a couple talks during sex, the

more they will be able to talk about sex, and vice


Couples who communicate about sexual issues

report more relationship satisfaction

Positive self-images and feeling good versus fears

about body image and attractiveness

Fear, worry, and anxiety can decrease enjoyment of

sexual experiences

U.S. media role in creating the “ideal body”

We must accept ourselves before others can accept us

Talking about insecurities with partners can help them

understand and move us toward self-acceptance

Being a more effective listener

Some barriers: information overload, preoccupation with

personal concerns, rapid thoughts, and noise


When others listen to us, we feel cared about, worthy,

and protected

Message interpretation

Interpreting a message is dependent on nature of the

relationship and your mood at the time