Instruction: using what you’ve learned this semester, think about

 You will need to use detail and examples from each chapter we have gone over this semester. (Introduction to Psychology, Learning, Memory, Personality) Here are some quick bullet point to give you an idea of who I am which I would like to be included in this essay: – I am 17 years old, from Gabon, Africa. Looking forward to pursue a business career and I wish in the future I would be able to take my country′s economy to another level and hopefully make a change. (this is the main goal of the essay) – Grew up in a family of 6, which in a way taught me a lot about team working and caring about others. – Rely on the attached files for the vocabulary used (Does not need to be all of it, just a couple points from each chapter) I also have attached my personality trait test for the writer to have an idea of who I am. Please reach to me for any question. 

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