Intro to business unit 7 assessment co4 executive summary


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Unit 7 Key Assessment CO4 Executive Summary

Summarize: Business Activity Interconnections

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours

Evaluation Title: Breaking Down Functional Silos

Business operations require the work of specialized abilities and roles.  While specialization can allow for a greater volume and quality of work (in addition to being required in some disciplines), it can lead to groups only communicating to immediate peers and not collaborating across the organization.  This is known as a functional silo.  Many believe that businesses must enhance inter-departmental communication to allow employees to collaborate (and create better organizational outcomes).

  • Read the article, The Silo Mentality: How To Break Down The Barriers
  • Create a 750 word executive summary that answers the following:
    • Select two of the functional areas discussed in this unit:
      • Accounting/Finance
      • Information Technology
      • Social Media/Networking
      • Operations/Production/Logistics
    • Discuss how the business tasks handled by each area are important to the other functional areas
    • Recommend methods through which the groups can enhance communication.
    • Identify any possible areas of friction or possible pushback between the groups.
  • Complete additional research on this topic as necessary, ensuring to cite and reference all materials in APA format. 
  • Use the Executive Summary Template as a guide for writing.
  • Complete additional research on this topic to support ideas. 
    • A minimum of two (2) sources outside of the text should be used to complete this assignment.
  • Utilize correct APA formatting, cite and reference materials appropriately.


Gleeson, B. (2013, October 2). The silo mentality: How to break down the barriers. Forbes. Retrieved from


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