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ISSC362 IT Security: Attack & Defense 3 Semester Hours

This course examines the techniques and technologies for penetration of networks, detection of attacks, and prevention of attacks. This course addresses the techniques, the technologies, and the methodologies used by cyber intruders (hackers) to select a target and launch an attack. Students will gain insight into the motives and desired goals of hackers as well as effective tools and techniques used as countermeasures ensuring data assets remain secure. This course focuses on techniques and technologies to detect such attacks even while the attack is in progress; early detection enables the administrator to track the movements of the hacker and to discover the intent and goals of the hacker. This course assesses the various countermeasures to keep the system out of the “sights” of the hacker and to keep the hacker out of the perimeter of the target network. This course also explores the laws and the legal considerations in prosecuting computer crime.

For future semesters, email [email protected] to confirm course materials.

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