It policy life cycle and policy framework- no plagiarism- 1000 words-


For this week’s assignment, you will have multiple requirements. First you will select an IT policy lifecycle. Thinking about the course case study, consider the most appropriate Lifecycle to help drive policy. You can select a lifecycle that has already been developed, or you may create your own. State the name of your lifecycle, provide a visual if available and walk through the phases/stages of the lifecycle.

Next, use the lifecycle to drive a selection for a Policy Framework for your plan that will be applied to PYZ Tech. Create, define, and discuss how the policy will be managed. Continue to keep your governance framework and the outline of areas that should be included with these types of plans in mind.

The IT policy framework can be similar to the governance framework in structure, but it should have a focus on policy and procedures. This can be a visual or a narrative component to the assignment. Remember to always include some narrative explanation when providing visuals as a component to the overall plan.

Note: I am uploading a picture of lifecycle I have selected. Write the assignment accordingly

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