Lab 12: group risk assessment paper


Group Risk Assessment Paper


1. Once you have group members, each group member needs to write one paragraph (minimum 300 words) detailing what three environmental issues they felt are of most concern regarding the Environmental Risk Survey below), AND to include a graph (line graph, bar graph, pie chart) covering some aspect of the risk you feel is most concerning. You will need to conduct an internet search to find data to graph, or a chart to replicate, but be sure to include the source of the data. Explain what the graph details within you section. Each group member needs to include a graph within their section of the paper. 


2. Each group member has a responsibility. Designate one person to be the team leader, one person the Summary writer, one person the Introduction writer and one person the Comparison writer. Here is each team members responsibilities: (minimum 300 words) 

Comparison writer: In addition to your paragraph, you are responsible for an additional paragraph that compares and contrasts the different perceptions of risk discussed from each group member.