Leadership assignment due in 12hrs or less only please (double-spaced)

1. Take the LMX 7 Questionnaire (click)Take it two times – one as a leader and one as a follower. What are your results. Be specific. Based on the questionnaire, what areas do you find challenging.  What could you do to improve? (1 page minimum)

2.One important concept in Leader-Member Exchange Theory is the Psychological Contract.  Conduct an Internet search for Psychological Contract and explain the concept.  Give several examples of the employer and employee expectations in the contract.  Why is it important to quickly understand the contract expectations from the company, supervisor and employee standpoints?  What happens when the contract is “broken”?  (1 page minimum)

3.Watch the following videoS concerning the Pygmalion Effect. https://youtu.be/A4rj_DApkZQ & https://youtu.be/4aN5TbGW5JA 

Summarize the videos.  How does the Pygmalion Effect impact the relationship between the workplace leader and follower?  How does it impact performance? (2 pages minimum)