Leslie brinkman at versutia capital case analysis (please submit



This case study is to be no less than 5 pages and should follow APA guidelines. I have attahced the case for reading. All commentaries must be written in 12 point Times New Roman font. A title page and references page are required, but an abstract is not. A good way to organize the analysis is shown below: (Please submit no later than November 26, 2013 at 8 pm HST)








Give an overview of the case study




Main body




1. What key decisions did Brinkman make in designing Versutia Capital? Why did she make these design choices?




2.How would you describe Brinkman’s leadership style and philosophy?




3. How would you describe Versutia’s culture




4. How effective is Versutia Capital? How effective is Brinkman?




 5. What should Brinkman do now? Please develop a specific plan of action.








What are the lessons learned?






(a) state the major issues being discussed, and, (b) make an evaluation of the situation to include your in-depth evaluation of what happened. The weight of grade will be assigned to the degree to which this case study has focused on using the key issues while summarizing or discarding those of little interest.






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