M4d1: business applications of sampling, estimation, and inferential

This module addresses the following module outcomes:

  • MO1: Explain how to conduct random sampling using Excel to find a simple random sample from an Excel database. (CO1, 2, 3)
  • MO2: Use confidence intervals to draw conclusions about population parameters. (CO3, 4, 5)

For this discussion, research articles, either popular or academic, that discuss examples of practical business use of sampling and inferential statistics. Summarize your chosen article and discuss how the concepts in the article might apply to your current or future business tasks. 

Be sure to include a unique, descriptive subject line (e.g., “Sampling in potato chip consumption” is unique but “M4D1 Sampling strategies” is not unique). This helps keep the forum well organized and easy to navigate.

 Be sure to attach a copy of the journal and/or a link to where the study is located on the internet and include a full citation. in your post. 

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