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Catamaran Drowning of Cruise Passenger

This case is based upon an actual incident, but is changed to simplify the facts and law for the purpose of our Mock Trial.  You may apply Florida law instead of maritime law.

Trial Decision:

Each student (juror) must write a Trial Decision and post on the Canvas Module “Mock Trial” link.  The Trial Decision should be no more than 3 pages, double spaced. 

Students may discuss this case with classmates, but not with persons outside this class.  Each student must write their own trial decision.

Use the facts, evidence and law presented by the attorneys at the Mock Trial.  You may look at the case materials in the “Mock Trial Materials” folder on Canvas, if you wish. 

Due by midnight on  Friday, April 16

Issues and Teams:

Issue 1:

Are Plaintiffs Nicole Woodley, Woodley’s minor children and Clarice Lee entitled to damages for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress?

Plaintiffs’ Attorney:                                                                Defendants’ Attorney:

Paige Messerell                                                                       Katelynn Walker

Issue 2:

Was Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. negligent or in breach of contract in their duty of care, duty to warn and misrepresentation to the Plaintiffs?

Plaintiff:                                                                                  Defendants’ Attorney:

Payton Perez                                                                           Linda Robinson                                                                                 

Issue 3:

Was Out Island Charters (the Catamaran operators) negligent or in breach of contract in their duty of care, duty to warn and misrepresentation to the Plaintiffs?  [Ignore the issue of proper jurisdiction and venue.]

Plaintiffs’ Attorney:                                                                Defendants’ Attorney:

Gregory Nestor                                                                       Jennifer Bell

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