Morgan parker’s “now more than ever”


create a meme (image + text) using a quote from Morgan Parker’s “Now More Than Ever” from her book Magical Negro and published in The Paris Review. If you don’t have the technical capability to create an actual meme that I can see, you can complete the task by describing what the meme would look like (for full credit).
See the module for a link to the segment.
You will be graded on three criteria (10 points total):

Image–choose an image that either relates to “Now More Than Ever,” or that relates to an idea that Parker explores. Bonus point given for use of “classic meme imagery,” many of which are available, along with nifty templates, here. Like I said above, if you don’t have the technical chops to copy images onto a doc, you can just describe the picture in detail. [2 points] Text–use a short text phrase that gives the meme meaning that relates to “NMTE” in some way.

The relationship doesn’t have to be obvious (you will be required to explain it anyway, so go ahead and risk confusing me–I’ll be pretty generous with these, I promise). Bonus point for using a direct quote from the book as your meme text (this might be difficult, so don’t feel pressure to do it). [2 points]

Explanation–one ¶ describing what you wanted to accomplish with the meme, what theme/idea from the book it corresponds to, and what rhetorical elements it possesses (e.g. what is it arguing, what do we need to know to understand it, what is the relationship between the image and text?). Please spell this out for me even if you think it’s obvious. ¶ should be a MAX of 250 words. [6 points]